Corporate Pink Summonses

The New York City Police Department issues hundreds of thousands of small pink summonses each year. A decent number of those summonses are issued to corporations instead of individual people.

Typically, these corporate summonses are issued for commercial trucking violations or various fire code violations.

Corporations Must Appear by Way of an Attorney

What many people don't realize is that a corporation must appear through an attorney, even if all you want to do is resolve the summons with a simple fine. A non lawyer is not allowed to appear, even if the non lawyer is the president or CEO of the corporation. The law is quite clear on this point and a non lawyer who tries to appear for a corporation will be turned away by the clerk of the court and told to engage an attorney.  No exceptions.  Really.

The reason for this, is that when writing the laws for corporations, our legislators came to the sensible conclusion that when someone is engaged by the criminal justice system, the most sensible thing for that someone to do is engage the services of a lawyer to make sure that the problem is solved in the best possible way.  Since corporations owe a duty to shareholders to act in the best interests of the corporation and the shareholders, it seemed logical to insist that a corporation engage the services of a lawyer when that corporation is required to engage in any legal proceeding.

Individuals of course are free to engage counsel or not as they choose, but the law protects shareholders by requiring that corporations behave responsibly.

Corporate Summonses Can be Quite Serious

Many of the commercial trucking summonses carry staggering potential fines and even criminal penalties.

Shalley and Murray has represented and continues to represent many corporations in these pink summons matters.

While these summonses are usually negotiable and even subject to dismissal where conditions can be repaired or remedied, it makes sense to approach the summonses with some measure of seriousness.  Our philosophy is that small problems are worth solving well.  Unsolved or poorly solved small problems have a way of become big (and expensive) problems.

Corporations are welcome to call to discuss our corporate rates for handling pink summons matters. Most corporate summonses will be charged at or near the standard individual rate of $375.  Call us at 718-268-2171.



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