Welcome to the Updated Look

Welcome to pinksummons.com.  We are proud to roll out the more modern version of the site with the help of Squarespace.com.  Thanks to Squarespace for providing such a wonderful platform from which to create and host websites.  I am sure new users to the website will appreciate its cleaner, more modern look, as well as some wonderful new features made possible by the wizards at Squarespace.  Those of you who are looking at this site on tablets or mobile devices should appreciate the magical way the site adapts to the size of your device on the fly.

This new version of the site also features expanded content for the convenience of users.  Each of the most common pink summons offenses now has its very own page.  Most of these offense pages not only feature the text of the actual statute in question, but will also have some commentary highlighting something important about the particular offense.

A new contact page clearly provides a multitude of ways for users to reach out to Shalley and Murray if there are any additional questions, including a call to use text messaging and internet video conferencing if users are so inclined.

Comments, questions, complaints about the new set up?  Let me know.

Don Murray

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