Top Pink Summons Offenses Identified and Explained


Important Update! The NYC Criminal Justice Reform Act, signed by Mayor DiBlasio on June 13, 2016, amends the laws regarding many of these offenses, not only in terms of their seriousness level, but also in terms of how they are addressed and where.  We are currently reviewing the new legislation and will make significant updates to these pages in the coming weeks.  The information contained in these pages will still apply for those who have received summonses prior to June 13, 2016, and even potentially to those receiving summonses after June 13, depending on the effective dates of the new laws.  Please stay tuned for updated information.

Police and other New York City law enforcement agencies issued more than half a million little pink summonses in 2009, according to the Criminal Court of the City of New York Annual Report. Although a wide range of offenses can be charged by way of these pink summonses, most of the offenses charged by way of pink summons are members of a fairly predictable set. As can be seen by the chart above (based on 2009 data from the Annual Report) by far and away the most common of all pink summonses is the Consumption of Alcohol on the Street Summons.

Click on an offense below for a more detailed explanation of the offense as well as to see for yourself the actual language of the law in question.  (Or use the menu at left.)

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