Former Client Experiences and Reviews

Enjoyed the Convenience

Everything about the process was so easy and convenient. I never had to go to Court, I never had to deal with Court. Their wonderful assistant Aunia got the materials to me in less than an hour after hanging up with Mr. Murray. It was a fantastic service, worth double what I paid.
— 346 Broadway client, May 2015

Outcome Exceeded Expectation

In my initial discussion with Mr. Murray, he made sure that I understood the reality that outright dismissal of the summons was actually pretty rare and so I was prepared to have to pay a small fine on a non-criminal offense. I didn’t feel like I had done anything wrong, so I wasn’t thrilled with this, but it seemed like the most sensible thing to do. When Mr. Murray called me after he appeared for me, however, he told me that he was able to convince the Judge that the summons should be dismissed after all. This was a wonderful result, and I really appreciate that Mr. Murray did not try to overstate the likelihood of outright dismissal up front. Better to be pleasantly surprised as I was. Nicely done Shalley and Murray. Very professional.
— Queens Summons Client, April 2015

About These Testimonials

Many clients have expressed the desire to provide others with some insight into our services and how we were able to help with pink summonses.  Given that client confidentiality is a consideration in this business that we take seriously, we do not presume to ask our former clients to seek out services like Google Plus for the purpose of reviewing us because those services require that people writing reviews be willing to identify themselves.  Therefore, we can only provide anonymous excerpts from former clients who are kind enough to write to us directly and who give us permission to use their kind words.  I realize that anonymous testimonials maintained by a business on its own website may not exactly be the height of reliability on the world wide web, but it just so happens that this is the best I can offer under the circumstances while still maintaining client confidentiality.  I hope you can understand this.

Don Murray

May, 2015


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