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Shalley and Murray is the New York Criminal Defense Law Firm that provides the information contained in this site.

Don Murray and James Shalley founded Shalley and Murray in 1996 after working together as trial lawyers for the Legal Aid Society for about six years.  Since then, they have grown Shalley and Murray into the established criminal defense law firm it is today.  

Initially starting out in Queens County, the founding partners developed a practice limited to criminal defense that has expanded to cover all five boroughs of New York City, Nassau County, Westchester County, and Putnam County.  

The firm now operates two principle offices.  The flagship office is in Kew Gardens, Queens, in the 80-02 Tower near the Courthouse in Queens.  This is the office from which New York City and Nassau County matters are handled.  For more information about the New York City practice visit our main New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer Website.  

For clients in Westchester and Putnam Counties, Shalley and Murray also maintains an office in Croton.  Founding partner James Shalley manages the "upstate" office in Croton.  For more information about the Westchester/Putnam practice visit the Westchester Criminal Defense Website.

Over the years, Shalley and Murray has participated in a wide range of criminal matters, from the smallest and least noticeable to many complex matters, including several that have received attention from the media.   

Free Case Analysis

If you have a pink summons problem, Shalley and Murray can help. If you would like the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer with your pink summons, please call us at 718-268-2171. We would be happy to provide a free case analysis for you. 


Quick Profile - Don Murray

Above is Don Murray, one of the founding partners of Shalley and Murray.  Mr. Murray graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Law in 1989 after attending Williams College.

Mr. Murray became interested in criminal defense during law school while working as a law clerk for a prominent criminal defense lawyer, Bill DeCarlis.  Mr. Murray has published a chapter in a series of books for criminal defense practitioners.  He has also worked as a legal consultant for NBC to ensure the authenticity of courtroom proceedings portrayed in the NBC Miniseries "The Slap".

Mr. Murray has handled quite a number of serious criminal trials, including a notable false confession matter in which he ran a successful false confession defense in a grand larceny case where the police had coerced a written confession from his client.

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