NYC Criminal Court Trucking Summonses

Many pink summons tickets are issued to corporations instead of individual people, mostly in the context of New York City's aggressive targeting of truckers and trucks.  These trucking summonses are heard in the Criminal Summons Courts, and they require an appearance by an attorney.  (New York State law requires that corporations be represented by counsel, especially in Criminal Court.)

Going to Criminal Court? Bring a Criminal Lawyer.



Corporate officers are often tempted to contact the lawyer who helps with contracts or who helps with business management or collections when they have to deal with Criminal Court trucking summonses.  Contracts and lawsuits are the world of Civil Court, however.  Criminal Court is a world unto itself with its own rules, procedures, and traditions.  Many, if not most civil lawyers have never seen the inside of a Criminal Courtroom except on TV, let alone actually handled even the smallest and least serious of criminal cases.  

It makes sense, therefore, if you have a matter that is scheduled to be heard in Criminal Court, to engage a lawyer who has experience in Criminal Court, and not someone who doesn't.  Especially given that as a corporate officer deciding what counsel to send for the corporation, there is a duty to act in the best interests of the corporation.  Right off the bat, then, making a decision to send a civil lawyer to Criminal Court could be perceived as, well...bringing a knife to a gunfight.

We have more than 20 years experience handling nothing but criminal cases in the criminal courts of New York City at all levels of seriousness.  Criminal Court is as familiar to us as our own living rooms.  This experience translates not only into confidence that we will be able to achieve the best possible results for your corporation, but also into the reality that we will be able to deal with a trucking summons with high efficiency.  That high efficiency makes us cost effective as well.

We have been representing corporations with trucking interests in New York City for more than 20 years.  We can help your corporation as well.

NYC Trucking Summonses Can be Quite Serious

Many of the commercial trucking summonses carry staggering potential fines and even criminal penalties.

Shalley and Murray has represented and continues to represent many corporations in these pink summons matters.

While these summonses are usually negotiable and even subject to dismissal on occasion, it makes sense to approach the summonses with some measure of seriousness.  Our philosophy is that small problems are worth solving well.  Unsolved or poorly solved small problems have a way of become big (and expensive) problems.

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