Hiring a Lawyer for Your Pink Summons Case

Comfort and Convenience, usually for $375

Having your own lawyer on a pink summons case offers you the convenience of having someone appear for you along with the comfort of knowing that your case is being handled by an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will protect your interests. In most cases the fee for a simple pink summons case will be an affordable $375.

We Go To Court So You Don't Have To

Many of our clients find that the simple convenience of having us appear for them in and of itself is worth the cost of our services. The process of waiting on line for court, enduring the security checkpoints, checking in at the court clerk, and then waiting for hours for your case to be called in a crowded confusing courtroom can be unpleasant. Not everyone can take off from work or school for hours at a time to run down to the Summons Court.

For people from out of town, the simple act of coming to court on the appointed date can mean an expensive trip back to New York City.

We can make that inconvenience go away. We can appear for you in most cases. You can go to work or school as usual, and have an attorney from Shalley and Murray make that appearance for you.

Convenience AND Experienced Legal Advice

With that level of convenience as a starting point, our clients are even more comforted by the fact that they know that an experienced criminal defense lawyer is dealing with the case and making sure that no misstep in court representing themselves causes them to make a mistake they live to regret.

Concerns regarding immigration, job related concerns, concerns about somehow ending up with a criminal record, or worries that a legal argument for dismissal will be missed, are just some of the many reasons people seek to hire a lawyer from Shalley and Murray to help with a summons.

The peace of mind of having an experienced criminal defense lawyer working on the case, as well as the incredible convenience of not having to make a personal appearance makes hiring Shalley and Murray for a pink summons case in New York City well worth it.

An Extra Level of Service

If you tell us you would like us to help you with your summons, we will email you, often within 24 hours, an authorization document and a fee agreement document, as well as a set of instructions on what other documentation we might need to help you with your case. Once you return these documents to us, you need do nothing else except wait for the call once we have resolved your case.

If there is a fine to be paid, we will make the payment for you and bill you after the fact. You will never have to worry about paying the fine on time or whether the court got the fine or whether it was credited to you. The fine will be paid and you will be sent the receipt. Therefore, you will never have to darken the doors of the courthouse, even to pay a fine.

Furthermore, we can obtain a certificate of disposition for you that will be your official court proof of the outcome of the case.

In most cases, we are capable of scanning and emailing the proof of payment of fine and the certificate of disposition on the same day the summons is resolved. We then follow up with originals mailed to your address.

Simple, Flat Fee of $375 (Most Cases)

The fee for an experienced attorney from Shalley and Murray to appear and resolve most pink summons cases is $375. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card. Corporate pink summons matters, which tend to involve more complicated issues can be more. Also, last minute cases, where we are contacted the day before the date the summons is due could be more.

Available for Pink Summons Trials

Of course for those clients who are not interested in working their summons matters out, we are well capable, as criminal defense lawyers with more than 20 years experience in criminal court, of handling trials of pink summons cases. The fee to conduct a trial of a pink summons matter is a separate fee that will be unique to each case and dependent on the requirements of the individual case.


Don Murray, Partner at Shalley and Murray on Solving Small Problems

One thing I like about our pink summons service is that it represents a philosophy that is inherent in the way we approach all of our cases, from the most complex to the most straightforward: Small problems are worth solving well.  

If you have a small problem there is a value in solving it effectively and decisively.  Small problems solved well will never require your attention again and you can get on with the big things in life.  On the other hand, small problems solved by the seat of your pants have a way of slowly turning into big problems that can haunt you years into the future.

Managed properly, a pink summons is not going to be the end of the world.  You will live to see another day.  

So why not manage it properly?

From our point of view, our lawyers, with years of experience handling serious criminal matters, are well capable of handling these matters to proper and satisfactory conclusions.  Sure pink summons cases aren't going to be the most complicated cases we will handle.  But that doesn't make these problems not worth solving.

Given our experience, these cases will not require enormous amounts of our time to conclude efficiently and effectively.  That means these cases will not require enormous fees.

So let us dot your I's and cross your t's.  Let us solve your small problem, and solve it well.

And you can get on with your life.


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